False Ox Sparkling Beverages

Our Micro Batch Series allows us to make smaller fresh batches of drinks and share our favourite recipes.

Smaller batches!
Fresher drinks!

Current Flavours

pineapple hopped soda

False Stout

Apple Cranberry Shrub & Soda

Strawberry Mint Shrub & Soda
Mango Lime Shrub & Soda
Raspberry Shrub & Soda
Grapefruit Rosemary Shrub & Soda
Celery Jalapeno Shrub & Soda
Beet Ginger Shrub & Soda

Juniper Gingerade

Spiced Gingerade

Upcoming Batches

Mango Cranberry Cocktail Soda
Raspberry Peach Cocktail Soda

We are always working on new recipes so stay tuned.