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False Ox Botanical Shrubs are concentrated syrups made from fruit, vinegar, sugar, herbs, and spices. 

As long as humans have been making alcohol they have been making vinegar. Alcohol exposed to the air naturally turns into vinegar. The Babylonians in 5000 BC were using date palm fruit to make both wine and vinegar. 3000 BC urns from Egypt also contained vinegar and there is written accounts of vinegar from China around 1200 BC. The Romans used an energizing vinegar drink called Posca, even the Samurai of Japan drank vinegar based beverages. Vinegars natural antiseptic properties made it an important addition to many drinks of the past, even Hippocrates himself used to prescribe apple cider vinegar with honey as a medicine.  

Using Organic apple cider vinegar to preserve seasonal fruits, berries, herbs and vegetables, many households made delicious shrubs from that vinegar, mixed with water, and often alcohol to create seasonal local organic drinks.

False Ox Botanical Shrubs taste delicious and fresh, using this age old technique to create modern drinks with the health benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

 Our Shrubs are made to be both tart and sweet, balancing the flavours of fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables, and botanicals with the tanginess of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and the sweetness Organic cane sugar. We tested and retested our recipes to find a perfect balance of sweet, tangy and tart for a unique and versatile drink.

Our shrubs are made to be both tart and sweet to create a balanced and refreshing drink. Mixed with mineral water to make a fantastically thirst quenching beverage, or mixed with our favourite spirits to create amazing and innovative cocktails. 

At False Ox Botanical Shrubs, we like to use as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible to create our shrubs. By using seasonal fruit, berries, and herbs  combined the tart twang of organic apple cider vinegar,  balancing it with organic cane sugar, we are able to create our modern version of an old idea. 

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Current Flavours! 

Available  in 16 oz bottles! 

Raspberry Balsamic

Strawberry Mint

Beet and Ginger


Seasonal Flavours!

Celery Jalapeno

Grapefruit rosemary


More recipes on their way!


Detox Retox

1 oz False Ox Beet and Ginger Shrub
1 ½ oz London Dry Gin
3 oz mineral water
1 to 2 pieces candied ginger
1 lime slice

A Drink Named Sue

1 oz False Ox Strawberry Mint Shrub
1 oz Spiced rum
1 dash of Tangerine Clove Bitters
3 oz mineral water
1 mint sprig
1 lime slice

False Ox in Toronto Star

Bliss & Vinegar!

Toronto Star drinks Columnist Christine Sismondo writes a very flattering article about us in the Toronto Star Awesome article and some fantastic recipes! 



Blogto did a great article on Coffee Crate. Roland Vencel and Megan Millington's mobile coffee shop not only has incredible coffee, but serves our shrubs with soda water. 



You can buy our shrubs at Nook's General Store 2005 Danforth Ave!  Lots of cool stuff there!

Also Warehouse Organics at 1480 Danforth Ave! Awesome new store!  

Try a shrub and soda at Coffee Crate! Their pour overs are fantastic as well! 

Now available at Brew North! 1578 Queen St east! One of my favourite stores!

Now available at 1/2 oz  at 20 Kensignton Ave! 

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