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False Ox Botanical Shrubs are concentrated syrups made from fruit, vinegar, sugar, herbs, and spices. 

As long as humans have been making alcohol they have been making vinegar. Alcohol exposed to the air naturally turns into vinegar. The Babylonians, in 5000 BC, were using date palm fruit to make both wine and vinegar. In Egypt, urns from 3000 BC also contained vinegar and there are written accounts of vinegar from China around 1200 BC. 

Using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to preserve seasonal fruits, berries, herbs and vegetables, many households made delicious shrubs from that vinegar, mixed with water, and often alcohol to create seasonal, local, organic drinks.

False Ox Botanical Shrubs taste delicious and fresh, using this age old technique to create modern drinks with the health benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Our shrubs are made to be both tart and sweet to create a balanced and refreshing drink. Mixed with mineral water to make a fantastically thirst quenching beverage, or mixed with our favourite spirits to create amazing and innovative cocktails. 


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Shrub Flavours

Available  in 12 oz bottles! 

Strawberry Mint
The classic combination of strawberries and mint, make for a bright and refreshing flavour profile. Fresh Strawberries and mint are a perfect combination to make a refreshing soda. This shrub pairs nicely with Vodka, Gin, and Spiced Rum.

Raspberry Balsamic
The bold taste of balsamic vinegar paired with the sweet robust taste of raspberries make this shrub one of my all time favourites. On its own in soda water, Raspberry Balsamic Shrub soda is unique and very tasty. This shrub is very versatile and pairs well with most cocktails. Mix some Raspberry Balsamic Shrub with some olive oil and toss into a salad!

Beet Ginger
The savoury taste of beets with a hint of ginger makes this shrub a versatile cocktail addition. My favourite pairing is a Dry Gin. Surprisingly bright and fresh tasting for a root vegetable! Our Beet Ginger Shrub also makes a fantastic salad dressing when mixed with a bit of olive oil, toss into a salad with some goat cheese!

Celery Jalapeno
Amazingly refreshing with a great Jalapeño taste without a lot of heat. Refreshingly bright celery with enough jalapeño flavour to make this shrub a truly unique ingredient. Works nice in a Caesar, with Tequila, or in a gimlet.

Mango Lime
Hard to beat the flavour combo of mangoes and lime. This tart and tangy shrub has the deep tropical fresh mango flavour coupled with zesty lime. Makes a fantastic soda, pina colada, and works nicely with Spiced Rum.

Grapefruit Rosemary  
Refreshing and summery, this shrub is bright, citrusy with just the right amount of rosemary. Makes a nice bright soda, also pairs nicely with Gin, Sparkling Wine or Prosecco, and Mezcal.


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Switchel is a natural hydrating drink made from Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, and Organic Cane Sugar.

The version of Switchel found in Colonial era North America most likely originated in the Caribbean and soon became a common drink in fields, farms, taverns, and households. Historically referred to as Haymaker's Punch, Swizzle, or Switzel,  Switchel is a healthy and delicious, natural hydrating drink. Not only was it a non-alcoholic drink that wouldn’t make you ill, it's seen as a delicious and medicinal beverage enjoyed by everyone.

Used as a hydrator by day and topped up with alcohol in the evenings, Switchel has always been a delicious, nutritious, versatile drink.

Today, our False Ox Switchels are a natural way to stay hydrated, boost your immune system, and promote gut health. They also happen to be very tasty and make a wide variety of unique cocktails. A delicious and healthy alternative to artificial hydrating beverages.


Original Switchel balances the tanginess of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, the fresh spiciness of Ginger, and the sweetness of Organic Cane Sugar. Natural electrolytes make our Original Switchel a perfect natural workout drink. Also makes a great cocktail!

Juniper Switchel is made with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Organic Cane Sugar, and balanced with unique flavour of Juniper, this Switchel is very tasty and refreshing. This healthy alternative to artificial hydrating beverages is also an amazing mixer for cocktails. 

Blackstrap Molasses Switchel is an homage to early versions of Switchel originating in the Caribbean, where  Blackstrap Molasses was used as a sweetener. False Ox Blackstrap Molasses Switchel balances the distinct taste of blackstrap molasses with Ginger, and tanginess of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Try it in a Dark and Stormy! 

Unsweetened Switchel is a natural thirst quencher with zero sugar. Our finely crafted spice blend lends some sweetness to balance the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and GInger. Finally a full flavoured hydrating beverage with no sugar! None!

Wonderful places to find our Shrubs and Switchels! 


Today's Natural Solutions Health Food Store
955 Elgin st West #1, Cobourg

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits (shrubs) 
66 Gilead Rd, Bloomfield, 

Dillon's Small Batch Distillers (shrubs) 
4833 Tufford Rd, Beamsville, 

Cherry Birch General Store (shrubs and switchels)
219 King St E, Hamilton

Tiano's Organics (switchels)
375 Kingston Rd, Pickering

Rosedale's Finest Specialty Foods
408 Summerhill Ave

The Big Carrot
348 Danforth Ave

REDS Midtown Tavern (Beet Margarita with our Beet Ginger Shrub)
382 Yonge St #6

REDS Wine Tavern  (Beet Margarita with our Beet Ginger Shrub)
77 Adelaide St W

Moberly Natural Foods
2044 Danforth Ave

Cabbagetown Organics (Switchels only)
499 Parliament St, Toronto
1/2 oz. Cocktail Emporium (Shrubs only)
20 Kensington Ave, Toronto,
Fresh From The Farm (Switchels only)
350 Donlands Ave, Toronto
Harvest Wagon (Shrubs and Switchels)
1103 Yonge Street, Toronto
Lennie's Whole Foods Cabbagetown (Switchels only)
489 Parliament St, Toronto
Little Nature's Market (Switchels only)
380 Bloor St W, Toronto
Muddy York Brewing Co. (Shrubs only)
22 Cranfield Rd, East York,


McEwan (Shrubs and Switchels!)
Don Mills Location
38 Karl Fraser Rd, Toronto

McEwan TD Centre PATH Location (Shrubs and Switchels)
66 Wellington, Toronto

Schmaltz Appetizing (2 locations; Switchels only) 
224 Ossington Ave, Toronto

414 Dupont St, Toronto
The Sweet Potato (Switchels Only)
108 Vine Ave, Toronto
Victoria’s Whole Food Store (Switchels Only)
1450 Gerrard Street East, Toronto

Brew North (Shrubs only)
1578 Queen St E, Toronto



Email -

Phone  - 647-290-5606


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